We are partnering with Intrepid Gym JC for the first annual Adventure Run throughout Jersey City and its local businesses! Participants start their journey at the gym as they begin to stop and move through a variety of checkpoints. At each checkpoint, participants will pick up 3 raffle tickets. Select stops will require a short burst of a movement such as 20 burpees. Participants may chose to stop at a handful of checkpoints... or all! (Time permitting; you must return by 6:30 PM!) Upon returning to the gym, raffle tickets are combined and pulled for various prizes. The more raffle tickets participants gather, the higher their chances of winning. Prizes are graciously donated by the event sponsors and checkpoints. Following the raffle, food and beverages will be served for everyone! All are welcomed to this event. It is also completely free to participate. To sign up to the Adventure Run or inquire about being a checkpoint, contact the gym manager JoanL@IntrepidGym.com All non-members signing up or supporting the event receive a free week trial to Intrepid Gym JC First 10 to sign up receive a free Intrepid Apparel tee or tank!