We have gathered a few of the most frequently asked questions and answered them.

Do I need an appointment for a shoe  fitting?
No, you can come in any time and any of our staff can help you.
How long does a shoe fitting usually take?
Plan to spend 20-30 minutes with us for your initial fitting.  Some customers take a little more time and some a little less, but this is pretty typical.
What is the difference between walking and running shoes?
The short answer is nothing.  The best running shoe manufacturers are also making the best walking shoes.  The typical difference is the appearance, but not the function.  A running shoe will work just as well for walking as it does for running.  The body works in a very similar way when doing the two exercises, and the additional cushioning and durability offered in running shoes will make the experience that much better.  Most walkers are actually wearing running shoes for their exercise.
What is a cross-trainer and is that a better shoe for me than a running shoe?
The only up-side to a cross-trainer (a shoe designed to accomplish multiple sports comfortably) is lateral stability.  (If you are playing basketball or tennis, you'll want a shoe that will allow you to pivot from side-to-side.)  A true basketball, tennis, or cross-training shoe will do this.  The downside of tennis, basketball, and cross-training shoes is that they do not offer a variety of support levels to stabilize pronation.  The arch support built into running shoes will make the shoe significantly more comfortable, particularly if you are going to be doing more running than basketball or tennis.  If you plan on doing a lot of both sports, it's not a bad idea to invest in two pairs of shoes; one specifically for running and one specifically for tennis or basketball. 
I mostly workout at the gym (treadmill, eliptical, stair climber, and weights), what type of shoe will be best?
Running shoes will be your best option, because of how your foot works while doing these sports.  Your arch will elongate and pronate while lifting weights or stairclimbing the same way it does while running.
Is there a 'best' running shoe for everyone?
There isn't a best shoe for everyone, but there is a best shoe for you.  There is such a significant difference between how everyone's feet work, that what one person likes may not work as well for you.  The best way to find the 'best' shoe for you is to go through a fitting so we can see just how your foot works and is shaped.
What if the shoes I select don't feel great after wearing them while running?
Trying a shoe on in the store and wearing them on a four mile run are very different.  We do our best to find a shoe that will work just right for you and one that you will feel good in after a long run.  However, if you do get a couple of runs in your shoes and they don't feel great, please bring them back and we'll re-fit you.  Even if the shoes are worn, we will take them back within 60 days of purchase.                  

If you have any additional questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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