Do you do special orders?

A special order is an order which in some way goes outside our current product mix (thus making it special). If you would like to order a special product from a vendor we conduct business with, we are happy to help you. However, as a small family owned and operated business, inventory control is an ever-pressing issue. It is virtually impossible to sell one item of one particular style as it is can not be displayed. As part of the special order process, we ask for a good-faith gesture on your behalf, such as leaving a credit card number or small deposit. This is just a way of assuring us that you truly intend to purchase your special order. Nothing will ever be charged to you prior to receiving your product and notifying you it has arrived.  These sales are final, assuming that there are no defects with the special ordered product.

If you would like further explanation of this process, just ask us any time! Thank you for supporting Fleet Feet Hoboken!

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