Accessories are what make your active lifestyle luxurious. Our FIT experts are trained to make recommendations based on your activities. For some people, it is a hydration system allowing them to bring either water or their favorite sports drink with them. For others, it could be either an anti-chaffing product or a sports watch with GPS capabilities to track speed and distance.
ELECTRONICS: Watches, Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers, and GPS Systems by Garmin, Nike, Polar, and Timex. 
RACING: Amphipod, Bodyglide, Fuelbelt, Lock Laces, Nathan, Nip Guards, and Spibelt.

WINTER: 180’s, Manzella, Maxit, Sporthill and Sugoi.  

SANDALS: Reef, OOFOS and Adidas.

YOGA: Apparel and Mats by PRaNA and Nike.

SWIM: Earplugs, goggles, and swim caps by Speedo. 

MISCELLANEOUS: Protec, and Strassburg Sock.

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